Rohail Hayat to join Coke Studio after half of a decade.

Rohail Hayat returns to Coke Studio

Rohail Hayat, the man who started the sensation of Coke Studio in Pakistan around 11 years ago.

The Coke Studio franchise has been a living example of evolution and success. It entertained the music lovers like no one else in the past decade and Rohail Hayat is the brain behind it.

A brief history:

From its beginning to 2017, Coke Studio has set the standards at a higher level. The season of 2018 was somehow unable to keep up with those standards.

Coke Studio fans showed some serious concerns and anger over multiple tracks from Season 2018. 

Return of Rohail Hayat:

According to Express Tribune, Rohail Hayat is set to rejoin the franchise. The producers of Season 2018 have stepped down which makes it clear for Rohail to join back.

Hayat’s return is being praised by the fans who were disappointed after the last season.  

What to expect:

A lot was changed when Rohail Hayat left the Coke Studio franchise. The next season will determine whether he as revamped his way of work or he will resume his old way.

Reasons behind his comeback

Here is why he might have joined back

Rohail’s interview with BBC:

He was talking to BBC Urdu in 2015 where he expressed his wish o produce one more season. Although he mentioned that it will be the last season for him as the producer.

Poor/Controversial performance of the last season:

The last season of coke studio was majorly hated by its own fans. Especially the KoKorina of Momina Mustehsen sparked a new level of troll and hatred towards the Coke Studio franchise.

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For that very reason, the credibility of the franchise was on the verge of failure. So the producers of Season 2018 stepped back.

And… Rohail Hayat is here to rescue the Coke Studio and give it a new life.

Rohail Hayat’s return to Coke Studio

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