Muhammad Safdar Awan remarks PTI as Weaken Government

  • Muhammad Safdar says that PTI is taking Pakistan towards destruction.
  • Members of PML-N would visit every part of Pakistan and look matters there.
  • Safdar remarks that the Charter of Economy is Nawaz’s thing and that Imran Khan is too weak to handle a country.

Talking to media, Captain SafdarAwam said Pakistan’s economy has been destroyed completely. He said by Nawaz Sharif’s untiring efforts, Karachi was made a peaceful city.

Not only Karachi, but Nawaz Sharif had also created a peaceful environment throughout the country by controlling terrorism, Safdar said.

Calling PTI a weaken government:

Safdar said that Pakistan is now again facing economic crises. He said today, Pakistan has come under the situation in which there is no law and order. There is load-shedding and terrorism also.

Criticizing the government, Safdar said that our Ministers are saying they have ended load shedding in ten months. This is not even possible because Nawaz Sharif had made Pakistan a load-shedding free country in five years, he said.

PML-N ended load-shedding and terrorism but now again Pakistan is under a government in which there public will be facing load-shedding of 12 hours, Safdar remarked.

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Describing the situation of Pakistan:

Safdar said people don’t have money to buy medicines. Everything is becoming expensive in Pakistan and the poor are having a critical time these days.

Visiting Sindh:

He further said that Sindh should keep in mind that Nawaz Sharif had made a lot of efforts for the betterment of province but today, no attention is given towards Sindh. He assured that Maryam Nawaz will soon visit Sindh.

Talking about the price of the dollar:

Furthermore, Safdar said that the price of the dollar was 100PKR during PML-N tenure. But today, the dollar’s price is 158PKR. Only those who are doing business abroad know how much Pakistan has become weak in the previous 10 months.

He also said that Nawaz Sharif is not asking for NRO, he doesn’t need it, rather, Imran Khan himself needs NRO.

Further, he said that decisions will be made according to the direction of Nawaz Sharif. Charter of Economy can only work in the hands of Nawaz Sharif. This government is disabled and weak and it cannot run the country.

“What you expect from a leader who dismissed his cabinet members just in the first 6 months of his tenure,” Safdar asked.

At the last, Safdar said that this is Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan and we will go everywhere and do everything for its betterment. This is Islamic Republic Pakistan and we would take every possible step for our country’s progress.

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