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Save Society From Tik-Tok Bomb
Save Society From Tik-Tok Bomb
  • Tik-Tok is a social networking app that allows users to make and upload short video clips.
  • In the garb of “entertainment”, this app is ruining the internet.
  • A lot of videos go viral which shows racism, pedophilia, obscenity, and sexism.


The “celebrated” app has become an addiction to youth and has become a serious threat to our culture.

Recently, some inappropriate/sexual videos of almost 10 celebrated girl ticktockers including some minor girls were leaked. Although the Cyber agencies intruded in time to hinder those videos from going viral on other Social media platforms, yet they were shared through WhatsApp and became the talk of the town. Where are we headed? Where does our collective morality stand?

Tiktok, the root of this heinous incident, is merely a platform promoting unproductivity, pornography, and provocation. Not only is the app a complete waste of time but is also a platform for predators to seek out their next victims to harass, baiting innocent and gullible children.

The girls from humble backgrounds in their teens feel that they can become an instant celebrity but what comes afterward is just pain for them and also their families

Just, for instance, we come across many videos where girls and boys are sexually transmitting any song or dialogue.

Freedom of expression should have limits but Tik-Tok stars have forgotten all the limits and are found indulged in mocking religious beliefs.
Moreover, our youth is spending more time creating vulgar videos in order to gain more audiences consequently earning more thru monetization of content. The time they put in creating these videos if invested in learning any new skill or knowledge can serve a greater purpose.

This notorious app exposes young minds to corrosive comments and other potential manipulation. The indecent and insensitive prove to be the source of anxiety, depression, and severe mental health issues. Thus distorting the very personalities of our young generation.

A number of tragic incidents of blackmailing have already occurred where people recorded videos secretly which then go viral on TikTok. Recently incidents of suicide by some TikTokers have also been reported. A girl committed suicide out of fear of her family after a video of her dancing in a classroom filmed by her friend went viral on Tik-Tok.

We all realize the threat it poses to our society. That’s why a petition was filed in Lahore High Court on August 4, 2019. “TikTok is great mischief of modern times. It is destroying the youth and promoting immoral activities,” stated Advocate Nadeem Sarwar in his petition. Another resolution to impose a ban on this app has been submitted to Punjab Assembly

It is significant to mention here that the same application has been banned in Bangladesh, Malaysia as well as India for its pornographic, inappropriate, and ridiculing content.

Tiktok has turned out to be a scourge: wastage of time, energy, money, and promoting nudity, source of harassment, and blackmailing.
Keeping in view the overall social-cultural dynamics of Pakistan, it is imperative to ban the site. Serious action needs to be taken before irreparable damage is done.

The onus lies primarily on the regulatory bodies and federal government.


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