Health Insurance KPK- Sehat Insaf Card will cover kidney transplant too


Sehat Insaf Card of KPK Govt will cover kidney transplant as well – Health Insurance KPK

The govt of KPK has decided to include kidney transplant and burnt treatment in the Insaf Health card insurance. A a sum of 19000 people have received free treatment under this facility from KPK Govt. This number is taken from January 2017 till the date.

Sehat Insaf Card by KPK govt

Dr Manzoor Ali of State Life Insurance told Dawn News that they are in talks with IKD (Institute of Kidney Diseases) to provide free treatment to kidney-patients. So more and more people will be able to take advantage of this programme. Kidney transplant and burnt patients are going to be treated under this Sehat Insaf Card. A health insurance scheme provided by the Govt of KPK

The Govt of KPK is planning to spend more than 5.4 billion Rupees in the time span of 2 years.  1.8 Million households are going to take benefit from this Sehat Insaf Card scheme.

A sum of 350 Million rupees has been spent so far in different govt and private hospitals of the province. Dr Manzoor enlightens the story by saying that the card holders are allowed to get free treatment of upto 300,000 Rupees . Now they will be able to get treated for kidney transplant as well.

The scheme is valid in the whole province except these districts:

Shangla, Upper and Lower Dir,Lakki Marawat and Karak.

The reason behind lack of the availability of this scheme in these cities is that the Govt could not find some good private hospitals there. Such hospitals which can be good enough to be attached to Sehat Insaf Card. So they can provide free treatment to the patients.


Dr Manzoor also says that they have signed agreements with category B and C to keep this service continue in these districts as well. This program was initially started in 4 districts of KPK. But after seeing the effectiveness of the project and seeing the public getting real benefit out of it. It was extended to whole province.

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