Seven Myths and Truths about COVID-19 and Its Vaccine

Seven Myths and Truths about COVID-19
Seven Myths and Truths about COVID-19 – By Arslan Akbar

It was just another day at work, busy as hell. I was in a hurry to finish the day as I had to travel back to my home town for the weekend. I quickly winded up my work, packed my laptop and hopped into the Careem I booked earlier.

The first thing I noticed while getting into the Careem was that the driver was not wearing a mask. I am vaccinated so it was not much of an issue but I was compelled to ask the elderly drive “Chacha gee, vaccine lagwa li” (uncle, have you taken a vaccine shot). I was ready to hear “han beta” (Yes, my son) but instead the humble soul shared his grievances about the vaccine and the horror stories associated with it. The gentleman, being the sole earner of his family, was against getting vaccinated just because he feared that if it will kill him, who will feed his family?

That’s when I realized how our less educated fraction of the society is being misguided and living under non existing fear. So here’s a compilation of myths and rumors I’ve been hearing and the reality behind them



  1. COVID is not Real

This is the ever green rumor that will live throughout the history book. Although, majority of the population has come to the terms that COVID is real, yet, we still come across people, especially senior citizen who passionately argue that COVID is not Real.


COVID is a serious illness which has claim millions of lives all over the world. We, as a young striving nation, need to deal with COVID with iron fist


  1. COVID is manmade and purposely spread

This myth was strongly voiced by a leader of a country associating it with a rival country. In these tough times, unity is what we need. Such dividing and hate spreading statements should be avoided at all costs.


History shows us that how the world has come across pandemics and epidemics and people back then fought it tooth and nail without playing a blame game. We need to do the same


  1. The famous Zehar ka Tika (The Poison injection)

From the moment COVID had hit Pakistan, a myth that doctors are killing Pakistanis by giving them a poison inject and that the government is taking foreign aid against each dead body made rounds on internet.


That rumor died down but sadly, this same rumor has been associated with COVID vaccine now and is being spread among the less education class of our country, making them vulnerable to the disease.


To curb this rumor, it is of grave importance that we educate and remove doubts of those who have been fed the wrong information. Vaccine works and it will save lives, not only yours but of your loved ones too!


  1. There is no use of Vaccine, even a vaccinated individuals are getting COVID

A vaccine is a weaker form of the same germ or virus that is introduced to a healthy body. Our immune system (white blood cells) fights this weak invader and by killing it gets stronger. Since our white blood cells have identified, registered and learned how to kill COVID virus, this process prepares our body to fight future COVID viruses that might invade our body with a greater force.


People with existing illnesses or people with weak immune systems have shown some deviating results of the vaccine however, nothing fatal has been reported or observed. Vaccine is safe to use!


  1. Goray are sending their untested Vaccine to Pakistan for experimental purposes

Some first world countries are sending vaccines to developing and under developed countries as a gesture of solidarity and unity in these testing times. To say that we are being used as lab rats for their vaccine experimentation is factually incorrect.


In order to carry out a scientific research, it is of vital important to keep a track of each test case and maintain a complete log of responses and reactions. Since no individual has been contacted to report the symptoms or reactions of the vaccine, the argument of “lab rats” becomes null and void


  1. Goray are implanting microchips through vaccine shots

Ok, so this is an interesting one. Microchip implant has been around since 1998 and from that time onwards, it’s still going through testing and experimentation phase. The chip helps individuals in number of activities such as access to office and home doors, cars, debit/credit cards, health insurance cards etc. Microchip implantation is becoming popular in Sweden where people, at personal expense, are having it implanted.


It is an expensive technology and with very basic uses. I’m confident that no country would like invest millions of dollars to implant thousands of microchips in citizens of another country just to give them access to their office, car doors, utility bills etc.


  1. Vaccine will make you infertile

The same rumor was spread about the vaccines of polio, chicken pox, malaria and many other diseases. Being world’s fifth most populous country in the world with a growth rate of 2.0%, it is evident that the past vaccines with infertility doze failed to work hence this one shall fail too. No worries folk, have a shot or two!


Rest assured, vaccine is very much safe to use. Have yourself and your loved ones vaccinated


Happy Vaccination People!!!

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