This is how Shahbaz Sharif deceived his brother – Kashif Abbasi Explains

Kashif Abbasi was talking to Mohammad Malik in his program last night

– Has responds to the allegation of Shahbaz Sharif that media blacked us out on July 13th.

Kashif Abbasi says that if media was on a blackout of PMLN, then why are not there any photos of that rally on social media? All of the official accounts of PMLN and Shahbaz Sharif are unable to show any photos.

If the media had a blackout, PMLN should have shown them on social media. Kashif Abbasi also hints that Shehbaz Sharif told the PMLN members to ignore the call of Nawaz Sharif. He told them to carry on with their campaign and don’t worry about the rally for Nawaz Sharif

Mohammad Malick adds up his analysis by saying that if Lahore had containers on the roads and they were blocked, why did not PMLN hold any massive rallies in any other cities of Pakistan?

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