Shahbaz Sharif Threatened NAB during Investigation

  • NAB called Shahbaz Shariffor’s investigation but he failed to give accurate replies.
  • Shahbaz Sharif threatened NAB saying he would go on media against NAB.
  • The NAB has given one last chance to Shahbaz in order to provide accurate details of bank accounts owned by him and his family

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had arrested Shahbaz Sharif on April 24, in connection with fake accounts investigation.

Recently, the NAB has called Shabaz for investigation but he didn’t give an accurate answer to any question and threatened NAB as well.

Shahbaz Sharif threatened NAB during the investigation.

When Shahbaz was asked about how millions of dollars came in the bank account of his wife, he said he doesn’t know about it and that NAB should ask her wife instead.

“Don’t ask me, ask her instead. I am not responsible,” he said.

Similarly, when asked about the bank account details of HamzaShahbaz and SulemanShahbaz, he told to ask them and not him.

The house in Donga Gali:

Shahbaz was asked about the 8-Kanal house in Donga Gali that he bought through fake remittances. To this, he said: “My wife owns that house, you should ask her.”

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Money trails of London flats

In October 2018, you said you will provide a money trail of your London flats worth RS150million and a letter was also sent to remind you but you didn’t provide the trails, why? NAB asked.

“Give me some more time so that I can provide money trails of London flats.”Shahbaz responded.

He further said:

“If you keep asking me such questions, I would go on media and target NAB.”

Details of Nusrat’s account:

Nusrat is your wife and you have shown her assets in the election commission of Pakistan, how can you say that you are not responsible?” NAB asked Shahbaz Sharif.

He replied: “I am not responsible. If you want to arrest me, you can, but I have never used my wife’s money.” adding, “I am only responsible to provide details of my assets, not my wife’s. FBR has details of my assets.”

Shahbaz sharif is already facing corruption cases in the Ashiana-e-Iqbal Housing Society case Ramzan Sugar Mills case.

NAB has summoned him in the Lahore Waste Management Company corruption case as well. The accountability bureau has found Shahbaz Sharif’s replies unsatisfactory and given him one last chance to provide accurate details of bank accounts owned by him and his family.

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