Shelter Homes in Islamabad | Two Buildings Identified

Shelter Homes in Islamabad | Two Buildings Identified

Following the directions of Interior Ministry, two buildings for the establishment of shelter homes have been selected by Islamabad’s administration.

Establishment of shelter homes in every city of Pakistan is the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and it is very close to PM’s heart.

The selected buildings in Islamabad:

Two buildings have been selected; one is located at Tarlai having the capacity of 150 males and 40 females. The other is located in sector I-11 and has the capacity of around 100 people. A large number of laborers come to Tarlai and it is becoming a new city.

The building of Tarlai:

The officials told that the building of Tarlai was being used to store things. The condition of the building was good that’s why officials decided to vacate it.

The building of Tarlai has two halls and almost 100 people can be housed in it. It has five rooms on the 1st floor and there is a dining hall also. On the other wing of the building, there is a place for women.

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Building in I-11:

The second building has been selected in Sabzi Mandi I-11, here a large number of laborers work.

Currently, there is no proper shelter in both buildings but it is expected that both buildings will be established as shelter homes at the end of this year.

Previously, there was a shelter home in sector G-7 but it couldn’t serve well. Many people stayed there for years but didn’t get the rooms vacated. Now the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad is planning to reopen this shelter home.

Shehriyar Khan Afridi, the Minister of State for Interior visited Tarlai building. He said that PM Khan will soon inaugurate the Shelter Home. He also visited the facility center from which the facilities would be provided to the homeless.

Shelter Homes in Islamabad | Two Buildings Identified

The details of Shelter Home Rawalpindi:

There is a shelter home in Raja Bazar also. It has the capacity for hundreds of people. It also has a kitchen where the food will be provided free of cost. Security cameras are also installed in the shelter home.

Offices are being established for the security staff. The facility of the generator is also available. There are washrooms too. Furthermore, 400+ people can be housed in this shelter home.


These two shelter homes in Islamabad are for those people who have very low income. These would provide them a place to work and soon will be converted into proper Panah Gahs with all the possible facilities.

Shelter homes project is based on the vision of our Prime Minister Imran Khan. He wants to provide a safe place for homeless people. The PM had laid the foundation of Shelter Homes in November. He also inspected various shelter homes and the facilities.

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