Shireen Mazari Terms SC Decision On Deputy Speaker’s Ruling A ‘Judicial Coup’

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari has termed the decision regarding the ruling of the Deputy Speaker by the Supreme Court as ‘judicial coup’.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court annulled the April 3 ruling of Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Suri and ordered to restore the National Assembly to its old condition and reconvene the no-confidence motion against PM.

Opposition leaders called the ruling “historic” while the ruling party criticized it.

Fawad Chaudhry, while reacting to the decision of the Supreme Court, had said that it was an attempt to lead the country towards slavery while Shahbaz Gill said that it seems that Pakistan have now returned to the situation of 1947.

Now, the statement of Federal Minister Shireen Mazari on this issue has also come to light in which she has criticized the decision of the Supreme Court.

In a statement issued on social media, Mazari wrote that supreme court carried out a judicial coup last night, ending the parliamentary supremacy in the court decision and even dictating when and where the National Assembly should convene.

The Federal Minister lamented that the issue of regime change by the United States which had forced the Deputy Speaker to give that ruling was completely ignored by supreme court but it was not the end.

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