11 Reasons of Failure of PDM Lahore Jala – Siddique Jan reveals

  • Siddique Jan discussed the failure of lahore jalsa of PDM and why the jasla failed .
  • He discussed how a hype was created about the last jalsa of PDM at Lahore .
  • Siddique Jan revealed the 11 reasons of failure of jalsa .

Siddique Jan reveals 11 reasons of failure of Lahore jalsa

Siddique Jan reveals reasons for the failure of PDM Lahore Jalsa

Siddique Jan said that ten parties will hold a meeting together. For many days and months, they have been claiming that the meeting in Lahore will be such that Imran Khan will resign and run away. Many of his ministers will go to bed and go home.

The meeting in Lahore will be such that when we reach the meeting place, the establishment will come down on our prayers. That will be the last meeting. Here we will be preparing for the meeting and calls are coming from GHQ. If we don’t pick up the GHQ calls, then the call will be coming from Aabpara. If we don’t pick up the call, then the call will be coming on WhatsApp and then messages will be coming. Our prayers will be being made.

There are eleven reasons out of which seven reasons have been written by Farooq Majeed which are very important. Siddique Jan

He said that Junaid Saleem has said  Achakzai came to the house and Insulted the Punjabis. Saad Rafique, who was sitting next to him, was applauding him.

Farooq Majeed has written seven reasons out of the eleven reasons for the failure of the Lahore meeting of the PDM. He wrote keeping in view the details obtained from the reporter covering the Lahore meeting. Due to Maryam’s visit to the street PMLN  leadership was tired at first due to which he failed to bring workers.

The second reason was that the people who had to see Maryam in the meeting had seen Maryam when she was walking down the street. The third reason was that people were cold. The fourth reason was that all the security was with the people of Maulana and because of their disrespect, people would leave from outside. The fifth reason was that there was no enthusiasm in the unnecessary long speech. Seventh reason workers were dependent on each other to bring.

The eighth reason is that there is no mention of inflation in the speeches. The ninth reason is that people will not listen to the army. The tenth reason is not spending money on people. The eleventh reason is that Shahbaz Sharif was against the meeting.

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