Steps taken by Pakistani Govt amid tensions with India on Kashmir

  • The Govt of Pakistan takes some historic steps after the tensions increase.
  • Government of Pakistan has decided to expel top diplomat of India and also suspend trade with it, expanding a row between both countries over Kashmir Issue.
  • The Govt of India had issued a presidential order to revoke the constitution providing special status to Indian Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan has launched a diplomatic effort to gather international support in the Kashmir issue.
  • PM Imran Khan assured people of Occupied Kashmir that he supports them in their struggle for self-determination.
steps taken by Pakistan after tensions with India on Kashmir
steps taken by Pakistan after tensions with India on Kashmir

The government of India has revoked the special status of Indian occupied Kashmir

The move has worsened the already-heightened tensions with Pakistan. In nearly 70 years, it is the most far-reaching political move. A Presidential decree was issued on August 5, revoked Article 370 of India’s constitution that guaranteed special rights to the Muslim-majority state.

Thousands of additional troops were sent to the disputed region. India imposed a crippling curfew and also banned telecommunications and the internet.

A Look at the Steps Taken by the Government of Pakistan:

On August 14, Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Pakistan-administered Kashmir. He reaffirmed his support to the Kashmiri people in their struggle for self-determination amid heightened tensions with India.

India continues to commit human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and Pakistan cannot remain a mere spectator.

It is predicted that a war may break out between the neighboring countries. However, Pakistan doesn’t want war and want peace.

Independence Day as a ‘Day of Solidarity with Kashmiris’

In the wake of recent tensions between Pakistan and India regarding the Kashmir issue, the Government of Pakistan had announced to celebrate ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ on August 14, 2019.

A crackdown on the sale of Indian Movies:

The Government has launched a crackdown on the sale of Indian movies. It also banned the airing of advertisements for India-made products on television channels.

For this, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) had issued a notification prohibiting the airing of ads for India-made products.

Ban on Sale of Indian Film CDs:

A crackdown has been launched by the government on the CD shops to confiscate Indian movies. Under this crackdown, all the CDs showcasing Indian content will be confiscated.

This ban has already begun in the Federal Capital and soon it would be expanded to other parts of the country as well.

Samjhauta Express Stopped:

Pakistan has stopped Samjhauta Express train service between Pakis­tan and India. The passengers of Samjhauta Express along with their luggage were sent to Wagha border.

India was asked to send its engine to take the passengers away and the Railway Ministry Pakistan refunded to all those passengers who had booked tickets for next scheduled train.

PM Imran Khan called the Islamic Countries and Took Them Onboard:

Pakistan sought Turkish and Malaysian support regarding Kashmir issue. Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to Turkish President and Malaysian Prime Minister over the phone and discussed the situation in Kashmir.

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, assured that Turkey would support Pakistan in this regard. Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Muhammad said that Malaysia is closely monitoring the situation and would remain in touch.

Govt Raised the Matter on OIC:

Pakistan has raised the Kashmir Issue on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). During a meeting, the government of Pakistan briefed the OIC Contact Group about killings committed against Kashmiris by the Indian state in the occupied territory.

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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has raised concerns about India banning Muslims in Indian-occupied Kashmir from exercising their religious freedoms.

The OIC meeting was focused on the continuous act of Indian aggression against Kashmiri civilians. Pakistan urged the Human Rights Council to constitute the commission of inquiry to investigate gross human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.

UNO Called a Meeting of Their Peace Council On Kashmir:

On August 13, Pakistan called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council following India’s decision to strip Kashmir of its autonomy.

In a letter to the council, the government denounced recent actions by the Indian government. It was also mentioned in the letter that India has implemented a racist ideology aimed at turning Kashmir from a Muslim-majority into a Hindu-majority territory.

After Pakistan had sent a letter to the Security Council, asking for an emergency meeting, the UN Security Council decided to call a Security Council meeting on Kashmir. This is surely a victory for Pakistan.

It held a consultative meeting to discuss the Kashmir issue and emphasized the need to resolve this issue in accordance with applicable Security Council Resolutions.

Prime Minister Imran Khan compared Modi to Hitler In Front of the Whole World:

Prime Minister Imran Khan compared Narendra Modi with Adolf Hitler over the scrapping of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and blockade of the region.

Here is what PM Imran Khan said: “What Modi is doing in Kashmir like Hitler’s final solution”

This statement was made during the celebrations of Pakistan’s 72nd anniversary, which were dedicated to Kashmir this year.

Comparing the Radical Hindu Ideology to Nazism:

Prime Minister Imran Khan said:

“Hitler had the arrogance and Narendra Modi’s arrogance is no different.”

In the reference to Kashmir is the only Muslim majority region in a Hindu majority India, PM said: “Under this ideology, like the Nazis, the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from India was also included.”

PM Imran Khan warned Narendra Modi that Pakistan and its military is ready to respond to any attack from India.

“Modi, if you try a skirmish, we would respond ten folds. Pakistan will not tolerate any violation and is fully ready to counter it.”

PAK Army is Having Solid Information – PM said:

PM Imran Khan further said:

“The Pakistani Army has solid information about what India is planning to do in Pakistani Kashmir. PAK army is ready and will give a solid response.”

India has imposed security restrictions which for the past 10 days have left the people of Kashmir valley completely cut off and carried out hundreds of arrests.

As a response, Pakistan has downgraded diplomatic relations with India and decided to suspend bilateral trade and revise all the agreements with India.

Further, PM Imran Khan has threatened to teach India a lesson. He vowed to fight until the end against any Indian violations in disputed Kashmir.

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