The truth behind Suleman Shahbaz’s claim – Exposed in a live show.

  • Suleman Shahbaz claimed he doesn’t know Qasim Qayyum and Manzoor Ahmed.
  • Suleman denied knowing TT senders and called it government’s claim.
  • Suleman Shahbaz also refused to accept his handwritten cheque.

We all know that the cases of Sharif family are the hot topic of almost every talk show these days and Suleman Shahbaz is one of them.

This family includes Suleman Shahbaz knows how to run false business, how to increase the assets and how unknown people can transfer money to our accounts.

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A look at the truth behind Suleman Shahbaz’s claim:

In Shazaib Khanzada’s program, Suleman Shahbaz claimed that he doesn’t know his TT senders; Qasim Qayyum, and Manzoor Ahmed.

While asking about his claim about not knowing:

When asked about his claim of no knowing Manzoor Ahmed and Qasim Qayyum, Suleman Shahbaz said:

“I don’t know Qasim Qayyum I didn’t even meet him in my life. I don’t recognize this man.”

He further said:

“I haven’t met Manzoor and Qasim, it is the government’s claim and I completely deny this, it’s a joke.”

Back in 2009, Manzoor Ahmed has taken out money from the bank account of Suleman Shahbaz. He took that money to Qasim Qayyum and made a TT to transfer remittance.

He also wrote Manzoor’s identity card number at the back of the cheque and allowed him to cash the amount from his personal bank account. But when asked, Suleman called it a joke.

Details of the cheque:

It is easy to deny the government’s claim but it is not easy to deny your handwritten cheque. He refused to accept the cheque that he wrote.

The written cheque was from his personal bank account. It was written on 2nd May 2009. The amount mentioned on the cheque was 99million, the branch of Alfalah bank was also mentioned on the cheque and it is clearly visible from written pay self that who is giving this cheque to cash.


Shahbaz Sharif and his sons always refuse to accept the available proofs. They claim that they haven’t done anything wrong and try to keep themselves safe and free. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.


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