Swiss chain plans to open luxury hotels and resorts in KP.

Swiss company to set up luxury hotels in KP

An International chain of luxury hotels and resorts from Switzerland has planned to come to KP.

The hotels will offer luxury hospitality according to its international standards. The chain has planned to take advantage of the growing tourism in the province of KPK.

How did it start?

The president of Swiss Hotels and Resorts and CEO Henri Hans WR Kennedie met the CM KP Mehmood Khan. He has stated that they were working on expanding their operations across the province.

How will it start operating?

The Swiss chain will set up hotels and Peshawar and Swat in the first phase. The success of the first phase will determine the future of its expansion.

It the first phase at Peshawar and Swat goes successful, it will expand to Mardan Chitral and Malakand.

Tourist Spots:

Not only the hotels and resorts, but the chain will also consider making some new tourist spots.

Tourist sports in KPK
Tourist sports in KPK

What does the CM Mehmood Khan say?

The CM KP has said that the top priority in terms of tourism is to promote it as an industry. Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is interested in tourism.

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Thus the whole team is serious about making it an industry. The Govt will take all of the required measures to promote tourism. The access to tourist spots will be made easy with the government’s assistance.

New tourist spots:

The provincial government under the 100 days agenda had identified 20 new sites.

We will also welcome and facilitate both the national and international investment in the whole exercise for promoting tourism in K-P

Mehmood Khan CM KP

The 20 new sites are located in Malakand, Chital, and Hazara.

The work in process:

The work on rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads to these spots was already under process. The number of tourists will rapidly increase as soon as the work is completed.

Ski Resorts:

The Government of KP is in talks with Pakistan Air Force to set up ski resorts on different tourist spots.

Ski Resorts to be setup in KP
Ski Resorts to be setup in KP

Tourism Policy:

Comprehensive tourism policy is the works to enhance tourism and make it an industry.

Final Thoughts:

The tourism of KP has already started to grow but when the Swiss chains start setting up their hotels, it will give the confidence to other international investors too.

Ultimately it will lead to making tourism as an industry.

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Source: Express Tribune 

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