Talal Chohdry’s Unethical Language about Women [Videos]


Talal Chohdry's Unethical Language about Women
Talal Chohdry’s Unethical Language about Women
  • Talal Chohdry has been recently beaten up 
  • He was beaten up by the brothers of PMLN MNA Ayesha Rajab who allegedly had an affair with Talal
  • Talal has been using foul language about the women of PTI 
  • He was also seen using the same language for Prime Minister Imran Khan. 


Here is a compilation of videos of Talal Chohdry

“I know where you came from, the whole of Islamabad knows how you got elected” This was Talal Chaudhry’s attitude towards women?

A few days ago, Talal Chaudhry was beaten up by the brothers of N-League MNA Ayesha Rajab Baloch.

Talal Chohdry’s attitude towards women is not new. Earlier, he had used foul language about PTI leader Kanwal Shozab when the two exchanged bitter words in a private TV show.
The PTI leader said that when he used to throw bhangras in front of the Chaudhrys, the whole world had seen those bhangras.

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To which Talal Chaudhry told Kanwal Shazib that he could not tell where he came from. All Islamabad knows how you were elected.

Similar remarks were made by Talal Chaudhry regarding Firdous Ashiq Awan and said that this is exactly the same change as Baji Firdous Ashiq if Agran’s face is washed, then the way she will come out from inside the make-up ie Instead of Baji Firdous, Firdous Khan will come out from within, such a face change is not a change, it is a deception.

Not only this, but Talal Chaudhry has also used vulgar language against Shirin Mazari, besides, he has also used vulgar language against the wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Another nasty clip of Talal Chaudhry went viral on social media in which Talal Chaudhry gestures to Prime Minister Imran Khan and says, “Will you take it?” Will you take the resignation?


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