Textbooks of Sindh are still teaching about Windows 98 and floppy disks.

  • The textbook of class 9 about computer science talks about floppy disks.
  • The operating systems discussed in the computer textbooks are Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP.
  • These Textbooks of Sindh are teaching the “history” of computer science instead.

The Textbooks of computer science in Sindh are still talking about cassettes and floppies.

Technological Advancement? Perhaps the Sindh Govt has no idea about it. At a time when the world is talking about Big Data, Artifical Intelligence and Quantum Computers, The textbooks of Sindh are teaching about windows 98 and Floppy disks.

The textbooks of computer science for class 9 are almost 2 decades old.

Computer Science books of Sindh – Photo by Express Tribune.

Talking about operating systems:

As shown in the image of the textbook above, they talk about the operating system. The operating systems mentioned in the book are more or less 20 years old.

  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows XP

These systems are not used even at the old computers now but the textbooks of Sindh are teaching about it. It is more of a history of computer science instead of computer science itself.

Microsoft had already stopped the support for all of these operating systems mentioned in the textbooks.
Textbooks for computer science in Sindh talks about floppy disks – Photo credit: Express Tribune

Talking about storage devices:

While mentioning the storage devices, the textbooks of Sindh talk about cassette, floppy disks and magnetic tape. These devices are obsolete in a way that none of the students will be able to actually see them.

Most of the laptops today do not even come with CD ROMS installed. Most of the work is done via USB and USB 3.0

What else is lacking?

When it comes to computer science, it’s not possible to skip Tablets, Mobiles and other portable devices. It is also necessary to mention of Social Media and search engines but sadly, these textbooks are not covering any of these.

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The situation becomes alarming when more than 700,000 students of Sindh will read these books.



The world is talking about Big Data and AI but in Sindh, they are stuck at floppy disks and Windows 98. The textbooks of computer science must be changed to at least inform the students about what is happening in the real world.

It also shows the gap between the practical world and the curriculum of Sindh. The world has moved on but the textbooks of Sindh are still living in the young age of Qaim Ali Shah. 


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