The economist praises the health sector of KPK

The healthcare of KPK has been recently praised by The Economist. It has reported that KPK Govt has significantly improved the healthcare in the province. 

The Economist praises the health system of KPK

You can read the full story at The Economist by Clicking here. 

This is how The Economist states the Change in KPK health:

The diagnosis is less mixed when it comes to health care. The PTI has employed many more medical staff, raising the ratio of doctors per 1,000 people from 0.16 to 0.24. It has also begun, albeit far from smoothly, to roll out a comprehensive health-insurance card for poor families. All this has had an effect. The number of operations in public hospitals has doubled since 2013; inpatient cases have risen by half as much again. Such change comes despite objections from special interests that lose out from reforms. Pharmacists broke the shelves of a new drug dispensary at one Peshawar hospital, so incensed were they by its offering medicine at the wholesale price.

This is not the first time that the PTI-led KPK Govt is being praised internationally.  Many other international media outlets have also praised it. For example, The Billion Tree Tsunami project was admired by the whole international media.

So talking about the report from The Economist on KP Health, it is not only an achievement for PTI and KPK Govt 2013-18, but it is a moment of proud for the whole country. The health service of a Pakistani system is being praised by the international media.

The KPK Healthcare is being praised due to many factors, here are few of them:

  • Insaf Health Card – The Health insurance of KPK that enables the cardholders to get a free treatment for up to Rs 5,30,000/-. Not only that but it also provides a free kidney transplant at Govt and a few selected private hospitals.
  • The new health reforms and legislation to facilitate the doctors and medical staff.
  • Improving the infrastructure at Govt hospitals
  • Massively increasing the Health budget for the province.
  • Changing the operative system of the health department.

The election 2018 is just around the corner. The services provided by the PTI-Lef KPK Govt will directly affect the voter. Although PTI has not advertised their achievements as they should have, but if a common man has been benefitted, it will surely help PTI.

The greatest advertisement today is the word of mouth and PTI will get their advertisement done through the people. The lives that have been eased up because of the PTI govt, they will be speaking as the advocates for PTI.

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