The new feature of Whatsapp can give a live feed of your location to your contacts.


The new feature of Whatsapp can give a live feed of your location to your contacts.

Whatsapp is about to introduce a new feature which will enable the users to see location of their friends in a live feed. The will be able to see the live movement of the person. The good thing is that is feature can be disabled as well.

An account on twitter WABetaInfo which is famous for leaking the news about Whatsapp and its upcoming feature , it has claimed that Whatsapp is about to start this live location feed pretty soon. The location timing and live feed will be having many options . Like you can enable it for a certain time like 2 minutes ,3 minutes 5 minutes or enable it for unlimited time.

Whatsapp has claimed that this feature will be enable to help the users. For example you are going to meet your friends somewhere really rushy. A location where it will be hard to find your friend,This feature can become handy in such situation. You will be able to track the live location of your friend and easily meet them in rushy places.

Pros : 

It can be used to find someone in a place where the address is complicated and hard to understand if someone is visiting it for the first time.

Teen age youngsters will be easily tracked by their parents.

You can disable this feature if you are not happy with it. Whatsapp will give you the full authority.


This can not be good for everyone. Like if someone has lied to their boss about going somewhere and taking a leave,and he/she forgot to turn off the live location feed of Whatsapp,they will be easily located.

Criminals can also use it in a negative way to track someone for any suspicious activity.

The news was published in Khaleej Times

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