This is how KPK Govt has revolutionized the education system


This is how KPK Govt has revolutionized the education system in the province.

The KPK Govt has worked hard in the education sector. The major step taken by the provincial Govt of KPK was to repair the broken and closed schools in the province. There where many schools in the province which were not having any teachers. The teachers of those schools were not coming and attending the classes to teach.

So the KPK Govt has taken some major steps to get those teachers back to school and repair the destroyed schools . As you can see in the picture below

Repairing of Schools in KPK

The children of those areas were being dragged into child-labor because there was no education. The schools were closed due to lack of teachers. So the KPK Govt took this step and planned to reopen those closed schools.

Children in KPK were being dragged into Child Labor

The data taken from year 2014,it showed that there many schools which were closed for more than 20 years. These schools were existing only on papers. But in reality,their buildings were fell and broken off. They had literally become “Ghost Schools”.

Schools in KPK were becoming “Ghost Schools”

But then the KPK Govt finally decided to take a big step . They allocated a huge budget for the renovation of these schools. They also took major steps to get the teachers back to these schools.

KPK Ghost Schools being Functional

As you can see the difference in the same school. A total of 539 schools have been upgraded and made functional. Not only this , but 65000 more students have been enrolled in these schools. KPK Govt is on a verge to reopen all these closed school of the province. Many of the teachers are also happy that these schools have been reopened .

As you can see in the video above, students of these areas are pretty happy with these steps taken. Not only the reconstruction of the schools but they have been provided with all the basic needs. Which were not available in the govt Schools before. New computer and science labs are also being built in these schools.

The students had to sit in the floor before but now they have been provided with furniture.

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