Pakistan will be a failed state by 2015 – Times Of India’s story in 2005

  • India’s leading publisher Times of India had claimed in 2005 that Pakistan will be a failed state by 2015.
  • The story was reported as a statement from America’s CIA
  • It claimed that Pakistan will be affected by Civil Warfare

Times of India’s claim in 2005 that Pakistan will be a “failed” state in a decade.

The story was published in Times Of India on Feb 13th, 2005. Below is the screenshot and you can read the story on their website by clicking here.

Times of India’s claim about Pakistan’s failure

The story claimed that Pakistan will be badly affected by the Civil War and complete Talibanisation. They also claimed that Pakistan might lose control over its nuclear assets.

Times of India had reported it as it was a claim by America’s CIA.


Here is what Times of India had exactly reported:

According to Times of India, The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of America had termed the future of Pakistan with “Yugoslavia-like”.

They had claimed that Pakistan will be totally affected by the inter-provincial conflicts, bloodshed, civil war, and economic crisis as well. 

Not only this claim but they also stated: “Pakistan will not easily recover from this state”.


Talking about Balochistan:

While mentioning Balochistan, Times of India talks like Balochistan is not a part of Pakistan by 2015 and Pakistan army will have to “invade” it.


But guess what India? Its 2019 and we are still here:

Just like their Bollywood movies, the whole Indian media lives in some sort of fantasy where they’re always planning to fail and eliminate Pakistan.

But their frustration keeps on growing by the passage of time when they always get a stronger response.

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Every time they try to prove themselves more powerful, they get punched right in the face.

For example; 

  • They claimed we’ve shot down a Pakistani F-16, American report denied it and said Pakistan’s fleet of F-16 is complete and none of them is missing.
  • They were unable to prove their claims of killing 300 people in Pakistan while their “air strike”
  • No proof was ever presented since the time of their so-called “Surgical Strike”



As we said, they’re always living in the Bollywood fantasy, this headline from Times of India did the same. They claimed in 2005 that Pakistan will be a failed state by 2015, but here we are in 2019 and still making them go “Mummy Ki Kasam”


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