Tourism: The benefits of Portugal’s deceleration of Pakistan as safe.

The first European state, Portugal has declared Pakistan completely safe for tourism.

Tourism in Pakistan is likely to grow as Portugal declares the country as safe for tourism.

With the passage of time, Pakistan has improved its law and order situation. These steps have directly affected tourism in a positive way.  The Portuguese government has acknowledged the fact and allowed its citizens to tour Pakistan.

Video Report on the story:

A new advisory for the citizens has been issued by the Portuguese government. The advisory tells about the security situation in Pakistan.

According to the new advisory, Pakistan has overcome its security crisis with joint efforts of Pakistan Army and law enforcement agencies.

This positive change allows the Portuguese people to visit several tourist locations in Pakistan, like Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, and other areas.

As per the directions of the Pakistani government, a counter for Portuguese tourists has been designed by the Pakistani embassy.

The bilateral relations of Pakistan and Portugal have been improving since the PTI Govt has taken over.  The success came out in a result of an on-going dialog between the two countries.

Under which, Pakistan and Portugal were talking about the business deals and exchange of labor force.

The impacts of this decision:

This is really going to have some positive impacts on the tourism industry of Pakistan. Whenever there is an inflow of international tourists, it is always good a country.

Many countries like Switzerland and Dubai are earning a gigantic amount of money from tourism

The declaration of Portugal is also going to have some positive impacts on Pakistan. Let’s discuss them in detail:

The hoteling industry:

The impacts of hotels in tourism.

The industry of hoteling is directly linked with tourism. When there are more people coming as tourists, the hoteling industry grows. With the growth of this industry, many other small industries like local foods also start growing.

The tour guides:


As more tourists pour in, it gets better and better for the local lifestyle. The role of a guide in tourism cannot be neglected. As soon as the number of tourists is increased, the locals can start offering their services as a guide.

It makes them a good amount of money and improves their lifestyle.

The foods:

The local foods of Pakistan

Whenever there are more people coming in, the demand for food will also be increased. As the demand for food increases, there will be more restaurants and food chains in the area. The industry of food will provide many jobs and boost business activities.

The sale of local products:

The local products of Pakistan

The sales of local products improve when people are visiting from abroad. This is one of the best things about tourism that people will not go back without shopping.

The locals will have their small shops at the major spots. They’ll make a living by selling the local products to the tourists.

Economic boost:

The greatest benefit of this decision of Portugal is going to be the economic one. All of the factors discussed above will directly affect the economy of Pakistan. The economy always grows when the tourism in a country flourishes.

The economic boost
The economic boost

Pakistan is one of those countries that have breathtaking landscapes in the entire world. Let’s take a look at Pakistan’s most beautiful and spectacular places.

Hunza Valley


If you are planning to visit Hunza, your trip should be more than a week. It is because there are a lot of things you can do in Hunza; astonishing views, scenery, culture, history, authentic and local Hunza food.


The Northernmost province of Pakistan is Gilgit-Baltistan. The place is often called ‘Home’ to Hunza. Gilgit and Baltistan cover some of the best sceneries. It is believed that a day spent in Gilgit-Baltistan is like a beautiful dream.

Rakaposhi Mountain View

When it comes to views in tourism, Hunza tops the list. It owns extremely huge mountains having more than 20,000 feet long. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view of three world highest mountains from the town of Karimabad.

  • Rakaposhi (7,788m).
  • Ladyfinger Peak (7,400m)
  • Ultar Sar (7,500m)

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Things you can do in Hunza:

You will surely enjoy the nature at its best. Let’s take a look at the list of things you can do in Hunza Valley and boost up your feeling of tourism.

Gyal – A Local breakfast in Hunza

The breakfast of Gyal in Hunza

Gyal is famous for its traditional and natural taste. It is known as the traditional local breakfast food in Hunza. It includes wheat pan-fried cakes, honey, fruit jam, and the apricot oil. The touch of apricot oil gives a sweet aroma to your dish.

Local Oats

The local oats of Hunza

This is one of the tastiest breakfast on could ever have. It is made by roasted almonds, walnuts, brown flaxseed, and apricot seeds. All these are sprinkled over a combination of barley and a local species of wheat germ. To make it heavenly, a scoop of fresh cream or yogurt is good to go.

Climb to Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort Hunza

The largest town in Hunza Valley, Karimabad, owns a beautiful landmark of Baltit Fort. Both Karimabad and Hunza Valley can be viewed entirely through Baltit Fort. The climb up gives stunning views. The tourism in this area is incomplete without mentioning the Baltit Fort

Hunza Water

The clean water of Hunza

In our cities, we buy expensive bottles of mineral water, but still, that can’t compete with the benefits of Hunza water.

The residents of Hunza gets free glacial water and this glacial water is the life-prolonging secret of Hunza Valley. The water comes from the Himalayan-glacial melt. It has high pH and extraordinary levels of active hydrogen.

Photography in the Hunza Valley

The amazing photography in Hunza

Many people visit Hunza just for the sake of photography as it has many spectacular views. Markhor, Ibex, massive mountain goats, and even snow leopards, all these are perfect for an amazing photography experience.

Snacks of Apples and Dried Fruit


Orchards of Apples can be seen in all directions of Hunza Valley. Apples in Hunza Valley have various varieties and Apples are the most famous produce from Hunza Valley.

Dried Fruits from Hunza

The dry fruits of Hunza

Dried fruits are expensive in almost every part of Pakistan, but Hunza is sitting at a perfect altitude to grow many dried fruits. You can get a big sale of dried fruits in Local Karimabad Market.

Boat Ride on Attabad Lake

Boat ride in Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is truly majestic place near Hunza. The landslide in 2010 is the main reason behind the stunning beauty of Attabad Lake.

The lake reflects a vibrant blue color. By walking down to the lakeside, you can see the boats waiting to take you for a 20-30 minute trip around the lake.

Hearty Hunza Pavilion

Hunza Food Pavilion is famous for its amazing taste. Two ladies run this hotel and they don’t start cooking until the order takes place.

Here you will find a woman who cooks in her house and makes fresh and authentic local Hunza dishes. Here we have a few examples of local Hunza food at the Pavilion:

Dowdo (Noodle Soup)

Dowdo Hunza

Noodles are hand-cut, made from wheat and Dowdo is made with minced chicken meat. We can also add slices of onion on it.

Chapshurro (Meat Pies)

Chapshurro food Hunza

It is full of minced beef and served with chopped onions, red chilies, tiny pieces of tomatoes and coriander leaves. A perfect example of blended ingredients with a great cooking style!

Berekutz (Cheese-Filled Flour Cakes)

Berekutz from Hunza

Another hearty dish in Hunza is cheese-filled flour cake. The recipe includes cheese from goat’s milk, flour, and apricot oil. This triangular shape cake is good for those working in cooler mountain conditions.

Altit Fort

Altit Fort

In 1100 AD, Altit Fort is originally structured by the Hunza Valley. It is full of history. Before you climb to the Eagle’s Nest, a visit to Altit Fort is a must.

One should not miss the incredible view of the sun which can be seen only from the height of Altit Fort.

Cafe de Hunza

Cafe De Hunza

Usually, the temperature in Hunza Valley is low, so people want something warm to drink or eat. Coffee is the most favorite beverage in almost every corner of the world. Hunza Valley offers coffee in both Local and European style.

Eagle’s Nest for Sunset

There are some views in our lives that we never forget and this is one of them. It is definitely the most important thing to do in Hunza Valley.

Eagle Nest Hunza

The climb up takes effort but totally worth it. Nobody can forget snowy peaks having a huge height of 7,000-8,000 meters.

Local culture of Hunza

The local culture of Hunza

Sharing a meal with a local family is the best way to experience the authentic local culture of Hunza.

You can experience the hospitality of Hunza’s people and also get an inside look at their unique houses. They also offer different kinds of tea.

Let’s take a detailed look at all the dishes one can enjoy in the local culture of Hunza.

Rose Mantu (Dumplings)

Mantu Food Hunza

These are rose shaped dumplings but they do not have the actual roses. It is a special dish reserved for special occasions. It requires a long time to cook.


Harissa in Hunza

Pre-boiled meat and local brown wheat are combined to make Harissa. In the recipe, meat strips cooked in apricot oil and then go into a bowl of wheat. This makes a delicious and extremely thick stew.

Night-Life in the Hunza Valley

Night in Hunza

There are some places in the streets of Karimabad that are good for those who love to go out in the middle of the night. A walk in the crisp mountain air is best for enjoying wonderful star-gazing.

Travel Guide:

Here are few details about how to travel to Hunza Valley and Gilgit-Baltistan:


No matter how remote some traveling areas seem, one should keep his safety properly.

Road Travel

There are not a lot of roads in Gilgit-Baltistan and it has only one route. People can go with tourism-bus companies, rent a car or their own bus/van with a driver.

By Air

You may take a flight from Islamabad to Skardu and then move towards Gilgit. Between Islamabad and Gilgit, and from Islamabad to Skardu, there are 2 or 3 direct flights daily.

Depending on the passport, signing a local immigration at any regional airport is necessary.

Pakistan is blessed with world most excellent spots where you can enjoy climbing and outdoors. Hunza Valley is among the most excellent spots of the world.

We hope that this detailed guide will give some tips, information, and ideas to the people who are planning to visit Hunza.

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