Donald Trump changes tone – Interested to meet PM Imran Khan


  • US President is interested to meet new leadership in Pakistan.
  • Trump’s letter to PM Khan and providing support
  • Trump wants to make a better relationship with Pakistan
  • A free trade agreement for Pakistan is included
Donald Trump changes tone – Interested to meet PM Imran Khan

US President Donald Trump is looking forward to meeting the new leadership in Pakistan but not without accusing Islamabad of ‘housing the enemy’.

These remarks came when Donald Trump was making a point about his ongoing disagreement with Congressional lawmakers over the allocation of finances that has led to a partial shutdown of the US government.

The Cabinet Meeting:

Trump, while addressing a cabinet meeting defended his demand to build a $5 billion wall and questioned that money should be given to our own country and not the other countries.

“It is unfair when we give money to Guatemala and Honduras and El Salvador and they do nothing to us,” he added.

Trump reminding about the funds:

Trump told the audience that it was him who had discontinued the funds given to Pakistan.

“I ended the money being given to Pakistan and many people don’t know about it because they were not fair to us,” he said.

A letter to Prime Minister:

Last month, the US president wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan in which he expressed his interest to support Pakistan.

He wrote that he wants to have good relation with Pakistan and expressed his interest to help Pakistan in achieving a negotiated settlement of the Afghan war.

He wrote that he wants to make a good relationship with Pakistan, but they house the enemy, they take care of the enemy.

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Trump looking forward to meeting Pakistani leadership:

The US President said that he is looking forward to meeting the folks from Pakistan and also the new leadership in Pakistan.

Series of tweets between Trump and PM Khan:

In November 2018, Trump’s interview to Fox News has led to a series of tweets by both the US head of state and PM Imran Khan.

PM Khan hinted at a review of foreign policy options and asked the US president to introspect on the real reasons for America’s failure in Afghanistan.

Since then, Trump’s stance on Pakistan has softened considerably with him acknowledging in his letter to the PM that the ‘war had cost both USA and Pakistan.’

Donald Trump changes tone – Interested to meet PM Imran Khan

The South Carolina Senator wants the US to offer free trade:

Earlier, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, considered close to President Trump, told in an interview that the US will focus on counterterrorism and the IS if Pakistan helped the US in bringing the Taliban to the table for discussions.

The senator wants the US to offer Pakistan a free trade agreement as an incentive for Islamabad to push the Taliban to the peace table to end the Afghan war.

PM Khan is ready to meet Trump:

PM Imran Khan had last year said that meeting US President Trump will be a bitter pill to swallow but, “I will meet him.”


Source: Dawn

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