Trump Vs Khan – Live With Dr Shahid Masood 19 Nov 2018

Live With Dr. Shahid Masood. November 19th, 2018

Full program – Live with Dr. Shahid Masood. November 19th, 2018.

“We need a new democratic system in order to run this country” Live with Dr. Shahid Masood.

UAE Trip

It was a great welcome and successful trip due to groundwork of several state departments, Imran Khan has also had a great reputation in UAE. They know Imran Khan is honest, not corrupt and clean politician.

We have received 1 Billion dollars from Saudi Arabia, more is coming from USE and China but IMF asking further strict actions like hikes in prices and taxation before even signing up the agreement.

Imran Khan and Donald Trump:

Timings are very important like just during a discussion with IMF, Donald Trump tweeted about Pakistan and Imran Khan also replied by saying President should correct his facts, so the situation seems tens little bit between US and Pakistan especially in this environment.

Hybrid War:

Now there is a new word “Hybrid war” people using especially recently used by General Bajwa.

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Let me explain what hybrid war is. Those war tactics are gone where military, tanks, and other conventional weapons used now the hybrid war is where kind of proxy war starts through their local sleeping cells and other proxies.

For Example Israel Hezbollah war. Hezbollah hasn’t declared themselves as state military but they fought against Israel.

One country tries to destroy another country’s institutions, destroy through the economy, local warlords, through their religions/sects then psychological war, the media and social media.

Made in Pakistan Government:

Since Made In Pakistan government came into power, Imran Khan is dealing with IMF and other options to take the country out from these financial crises while corrupt mafia is enjoying and laughing.

Nowadays Badmashiya/ corrupt mafia is just wasting the time of courts by playing with laws and rules. This system is going down, you cannot make new building before knock down the old one.

World & System of Pakistan:

This system is not working, this current system has to go it is not functioning, look at other countries how quickly they are working and resolving their issues.

Look at Russia, China, Turkey, and other regional countries. I am not saying about Marshal law but this current system is misfunctioned.

Chief justice also said we need judicial reforms, government institutes have been destroyed we need a new system in order to run this country better.

Lt. General Ghulam Mustafa

It looks like the current government is incapable despite Prime Minister Imran Khan is doing his best may be as you said because of the system.

PTI doesn’t seem stable to me, yes there are issues no one can resolve these issues right away it may take time.

Parliament is not working, it’s useless, the judicial system is not delivering, armed forces and state institutions are cooperating this government but these issues are time sensitive and unfortunately the current government is not focusing on time sensitivity.

Dr. Ashfaq Hasan Khan

I am the person from day one saying Pakistan shouldn’t go to IMF. We went to Saudi Arabia, China and UAE with my experience we must not go to IMF. We need 7 to 8 billion dollars for the next fiscal year, unfortunately.

Our people and media looking for numbers but China and other countries work in a different way. Now my question is if our friends already helped out and we are in good condition then why we are going to IMF?

Imran Khan is doing all efforts to take this country out from all crises and I can assure work in all level

“Army chief discussed the hybrid war that how a country destroys other country without invading or imposing traditional war, we should discuss regional issues and hybrid war” Dr. Shahid Masood Concluded. 

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