Umar Saif, Ex-head of PITB has been summoned by NAB

Umar Saif summoned by NAB on corruption allegations.


  • Umar Saif is allegedly involved in corruption and irregularities while purchasing the equipment.
  • 92 News has published a whole story on it.
  • The corruption was allegedly done while purchasing the smartphones for farmers.


Umar Saif to appear before NAB to answer the corruption allegations.


According to the report published in 92 news, 3 more personalities from Punjab will come under investigations. The report has stated that NAB has collected some solid evidence in this case.

The ex-secretary of Shebaz Sharif, Ex-secretary agriculture and two famous bureaucrats are involved.  


The report further says that more arrests are expected as the Umar Saif case moves on. NAB has summoned Dr. Umar Saif on April 1st, 2019 to answer about the irregularities in the project of smartphones for farmers.

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Brief Introduction of Ex head PITB:

Dr. Umar Saif was one of the closest people to Shehbaz Sharif in his era. He has been the chairman/head of Punjab IT board for several years. He has initiated many digitization projects in Punjab.

Giving smartphones to farmers was also a part of digitization but authorities have found some solid evidence of corruption, according to 92 News’ report.


What if the allegations are proven right?

In case the allegations of NAB are proven, 3 ex-provincial ministers, one important personality close to Shehbaz Sharif and 6 bureaucrats will be arrested.


What are the allegations?

The report of 92 News reveals the details of allegations which are as follows:

  • Buying cheap equipment with expensive prices.
  • Irregularities in the Safe City Project.
  • Providing smartphones to teachers.
  • Provision of smartphones to the farmers of Punjab.

Not only the identification of irregularities but the evidence has also been found. The details on how the equipment was purchased on high prices, who was sent abroad on official visits and what happened during the visits.

The full details and evidence have been collected and the case is going to be a strong one.

The test case:

This PITB case is being taken as the test case which will open the ways for more cases. According to the report, there are several people who are ready to become a witness in other cases.

Details on the smartphones provision to farmers:

Corruption in smartphones for farmers programme

The aim was to provide 100,000 smartphones to farmers. But the smartphones were purchase at much higher rates than the original price. Then there were huge irregularities in the development of the app for those smartphones.


The app was supposed to help the farmers about weather conditions and seed.


The double corruption:

First, the smartphones were bought at higher prices, then all of them were not distributed either. Not only the head of IT board but the chief minister Shahbaz Sharif was also well aware of these irregularities and corruption.


Click here to read the report of 92 news – According to which, the investigative departments have collected all of the evidence.  

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