UN Secretary General agrees with PM Imran Khan on debt relief.


UN Secretary General agrees with PM Imran Khan on debt relief
United Nations Secretary General agrees with PM Imran Khan on debt relief
  • United Nations Secretary-General’s Spokes Person has stated that the Secretary-General of UN agrees with Prime Minister Imran Khan.
  • “Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call for debt relief is in the same spirit as the Secretary-General,” Says the spokesperson.
  • A letter has also been sent to G20 Countries in this regard.


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s suggestion for debt relief for developing nations has finally reached the concerned.

Here is what the spokesperson said:



Prime Minister of Pakistan has made it to international headlines again. This time, it was due to becoming the voice of the developing nations. A few days ago, he made a suggestion to the international monetary institutions and UN.

He spoke for all of the developing countries and urged the international community to seriously think about  a debt relief for the developing world amid Corona Pandemic.


The response from spokesperson UN Secretary-General:


The suggestion from Prime Minister Imran Khan has been fully endorsed by the United Nations.  A letter was sent to the G20 countries after which, there will be a limited funding to poor countries instead of a debt-servicing.

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Here is the complete talk of the spokesperson to United Nations Secretary General:


While many of the media personnel and opposition parties of Pakistan started to make fun of Imran Khan, his voice has been heard globally. No matter how much he gets trolled by the opposition parties and the journalists, his suggestion for debt relief has been heard and it will ultimately be beneficial for Pakistan

Not only Pakistan, but many other countries that are struggling with their economy and finances, will benefit from it. Since the UN secretary general has started to take the practical steps on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s suggestion; there is likely to be a good news pretty soon.


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