PM’s Focal Person On Digital Media starts #UnfollowAbuse movement on Twitter


Unfollow Abuse Movement-Twitter
#UnfollowAbuse Movement
  • Prime Minister’s Focal Person on Digital Media, Dr. Arslan Khalid has started a movement against abusive language on Twitter.
  • He has pointed out some accounts that are continuously using abusive language.
  • Interestingly, these accounts are followed by Bilawal Zardari and Maryam Nawaz


This is how Dr. Arslan Khalid has started the #UnfollowAbuse movement:


The accounts pointed out by Dr. Arslan Khalid, are not only using the abusive language, but they’re also followed by the prominent figures of the opposition; Maryam and Bilawal.

Other political figures like Zartaj Gul and Fawad Chauhdry have also joined the movement:


There are hundreds of more accounts using the exact same language. All of the media anchors/journalists who’re always complaining about the bad language on social media must condemn this language. Not only that, but these abusive users shouldn’t be promoted by figures like Maryam and Bilawal.

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