US general assembly sub-committee holds hearing on IOK

US Congressional sub-committee holds hearing on Occupied Kashmir
US Congressional subcommittee holds a hearing on Occupied Kashmir
  • Us House Foreign Affairs sub-committee is discussing human rights problems in the Occupied geographic region of Kashmir
  • Also, the scenario within the Muslim majority region that has emerged when the Indian capital scrapped its special standing.

The hearing on the geographic region by us House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and Non-proliferation, a sub-committee among the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was convened by legislator Brad Sherman, Chairman of the panel.

What can this hearing do?

“The hearing can specialize in the geographic area depression, wherever several political activists are in remission and way of life, the web, and phone communications are interrupted,” Sherman aforesaid, in an exceeding statement, adding that it’ll additionally review provides of food, medicine, and alternative necessities within the depression.

Lawmakers who were attending the hearing:

  • Elliot Engel
  • Rep Jim Costa
  • Rep Anthony Brown
  • Rep Karen Bass
  • Rep Ilhan Omar
  • Rep microphone Levin
  • Rep Tom anthropologist
  • Rep artificial language Khanna
  • Rep Krishna Murti
  • Rep Gil Cisnero,
  • Rep Ruben Gallego
  • Rep TJ Cox
  • Rep Judy Chu
  • Rep Jed Van thespian
  • Rep Tony Cardenas
  • Rep Alan Leventhal
  • Rep Teddy boy stead et al

Attendees changed views on the human rights violations within the occupied vale.

“We expressed our considerations concerning Jammu and Kashmir to an Asian country,” aforementioned America diplomat Alice Wells. “We square measure closely observance true in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Alice Wells declared that 3 former chief ministers of occupied Jammu and Kashmir had additionally been in remission.

“We can persevere pressurizing Asian country to carry the communications blockade,” she said.

Wells aforementioned that during a span of 2 to a few months, many thousand folks had been in remission.

Kashmiris struck by the communication blockade in Occupied geographical region for over 2 months also will seem before the committee to show the Indian government’s human rights violations.

The hearing’s significance has augmented within the wake of India’s reluctance to world communities necessitate AN finish to curfew.

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