US Responds to ‘Absolutely Not’ by adding Pakistan to Child Soldier Recruiters List

  • The United States on 8th July 2021 added Pakistan and Turkey to its Child Soldiers Prevention Act list.
  • This designation could lead to strict sanctions on military assistance and listed countries’ participation in peacekeeping programs.
  • After the start of the designation, 3 countries have appeared on the list since 2010.
US Responds to 'Absolutely Not' by adding Pakistan to Child Soldier Recruiters List
US Responds to ‘Absolutely Not’ by adding Pakistan to Child Soldier Recruiters List

The decision from the United States is a clear violation of the International Rules.

When Pakistan came up with “Absolutely not” on giving bases to the US, a response was expected. In less than a month after Pakistani response on airbases, the US has started to play its game.

They have accused Pakistan of recruiting child soldiers. The reality however is different as the basic age of recruitment in security forces is above 18 in Pakistan. No one under 15 years has ever been recruited neither officially nor on a volunteer basis.

It is an established fact that no “child soldier” in Pakistan is serving in any capacity, including in a support role, such as a “cook, porter, messenger, medic, guard, or s*x slave”.

The clear motive behind the move:

It is now evident that the US has planned to impose sanctions on Pakistan.  The US wants to stop Pakistan from joining programs like International Military Education and Training, Foreign Military Financing, Excess Defence Articles, and Peacekeeping Operations.

Starting from October 1st, 2021, and effective throughout the fiscal year 2022, these restrictions will apply to Pakistan, which is based on mal-intensions of the US.

The baseless reason behind this categorization of Pakistan;

The determination to include Pakistan in the CSPA list is based on fake observation by United States government personnel, reporting from biased United Nations entities, and funded local & international NGOs.


Pakistan has a clear law about the age of recruiting soldiers and security personnel. Anyone below the age of 18 cannot be recruited in any security institutions so the US adding Pakistan to Child Soldier Recruiters List is clearly an act of vendetta against Pakistan.

Written by: TrendsPak Staff.

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