Use of Drone technology in healthcare ; a way to deal with Polio,Dengue and Emergencies

How technology can be used to eradicate the deadly deceases

Use of drone in health
Use of drone in health

As Polio is spreading in our country so delivery of vaccines by drone technology and providing security to the polio staff by drones monitoring in remote areas can be helpful in eradicating polio.

The drone technology can also be helpful in monitoring the cleanliness of areas that have incidence/prevalence of Dengue which is spreading in the country. It can address the problem of human resources, logistics and bring effective results.

In general healthcare use of Drones can help in faster lab tests, vaccine delivery and delivering medical supplies in times of disasters or areas where roads aren’t well developed.

Online consultation providing websites can also help in providing consultations from different areas/cities and countries.

I carried out a small study aimed at assessing awareness levels of doctors about the use of technology in healthcare like drone service & Online consultations. Results depicted a low level of awareness and knowledge about the benefits of the use of technology. Only 50 percent of the doctors had heard about drone service in health care delivery.

60 percent said it will be useful. 80 percent supported that it will be of help in emergencies or disasters but only 40 percent support its use in carrying out routine medical services. 60 percent of doctors support the idea of online consultation. 60 percent of the doctors are willing to use the service of Online consultation for themselves as a patient.

This level of awareness indicate that there is a need for awareness among health care providers and policy makers about the benefits of drones technology in healthcare and Online consultations so that they can incorporate them into the health system and bring a positive change in health services delivery

By: Dr. Sarah Tanvir

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