Usman Buzdar takes a bold step to form a new province


Usman Buzdar takes a bold step to form a new province

Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has constituted a 12-member executive council for the creation of south Punjab province.

According to the letter issued on Oct 22, former MNA Chaudhry Tahir Bashir Cheema is the chairman of the council. Athar Hussain Khan is the secretary of the council.

While its member includes:

  • Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan Mazari
  • Minister for food Samiullah Chaudhry
  • MPAs (Sahibzada Ghazain Abbasi, Syed Ali Abbas, and Nawabzada Mansoor Ahmed)
  • Former MPA Mina Ehsan Leghari
  • Formal civil bureaucrats (Anwar Ahmed Khan and Javed Iqbal Awan)

“The chief minister has been pleased to the desire for the constitution of an executive council on the creation of south Punjab province. The council will be on behalf of the chief minister.”

The council will identify all possible issues pertaining to the creation of a separate province and engage all relevant departments including:

  • Address all legislative matters concerning the province.
  • Engage all relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop consensus.
  • Coordinate all the matters with the federal committee.
  • Any other ancillary matter related to the purpose.

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The council shall seek institutional support, information and expert advice from all through any provincial department, public sector or local government in Punjab.

The council shall have its office at the chief minister’s office, which shall be responsible for the provision of necessary support to the council when required.

According to the reports, the former governor said that a list of all government employees belonging to south Punjab had been prepared.

“Governor says the nation will soon get good news about the new province.”

Usman Buzdar takes a bold step to form a new province

He said that it was decided that special secretaries of important departments will be debuted at the sub-secretariat. These departments include:

  • Irrigation
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Communication

He further said that the purpose behind establishing the sub-secretariat is to counter the difficulties of the people of south Punjab.

The governor claimed that under his party’s rule a huge change in the country would come during the next two years when there would be no distinction between the poor and rich.

Punjab CM spokesperson Dr. Shahbaz Gill said:

“The creation of south Punjab province warranted a rigorous process and could not be done haphazardly, no timeline could be given.”

He said the committee, led by Tahir Bashir Cheema, would consult stakeholders and the government would also get their consent.

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