CM Punjab Usman Buzdar offers the Eid prayers with simplicity

The new Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar offered the Eid Prayers with the general public.

Usman Buzdar prayers with simplicity.

Usman Buzar came to offer the Eid prayers and stood in the last lines. He met with the people after offering the prayers.

The people got excited as they saw the chief minister with them. They started taking selfies with him and the CM leaves the places by driving the car himself.

The news channel 42 News reports that the CM Punjab offered the Eid Prayers in Jelani Park and stood in the last lines. The Imam at the prayers spotted him and asked to fulfill the promises. The promise of Imran Khan to make Pakistan a welfare state like the state of Madina.


During an Interview with Aftab Iqbal, Usman Buzdar has stated that the chief minister will follow the austerity of Imran Khan.   He categorically stated:

Each and every member of the provincial assembly will consider himself as the chief minister of Punjab.

Usman Buzdar CM Punjab

This action of CM Usman Buzdar is the first step towards the austerity drive. It is yet to be decided that what will the newly elected Chief Minister do in the days to come.

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