Uzma Bukhari to NAB -The more you push, the more there will be voice

  • NAB has raided Hamza Shahbaz’s house to arrest him and Uzma Bukhari reacts to it.
  • She blames the Govt for political victimization.
  • Uzma Bukhari claims that this is happening on Govt’s orders.

The more you try to push us, the more power we will have – Claims Uzma Bukhari

PMLN leader Uzma Bukhari was talking to Public News after the raid of NAB at Hamza Shahbaz’s house. She clearly blames it on the Govt and says it’s not the nab only – It is happening because the Govt wanted Hamza Shehbaz behind the bars.

Uzma Bukhari goes hard against the Govt:

She has clearly stated that the more you try to push us back, the more you try to suppress our voice, the more powerful we will become.

Bukhari also defends the whole opposition including PPP  by saying that the Govt is trying to threaten the opposition.

Complaining about the NAB proceedings:

She gets upset while talking about the case of Hamza Shehbaz.

“Is there nothing else to do in the country? Have all of the other problems been solved? why is this a top priority of the Govt”

Uzma says that the Govt should focus on running the country instead of going against us.

The stance of NAB:

While Hamza Shehbaz claims that this was a violation of rules to raid his house, NAB has a different stance.

Check this too: The two different reactions of Hamza Shehbaz on the arrest of his father and then Nawaz Sharif. 

They clearly had the “go ahead” from the supreme court of Pakistan. The supreme court of Pakistan has given permission to NAB.

The permission that NAB can raid anyone’s house without giving any notices.

What actually happened?

NAB had all the documentary evidence and warrants to raid Hamza Shehbaz’s house. On top of that, they have the clear “go ahead” from the apex court of Pakistan.


The opposition and Hamza Shehbaz are trying their best to make it look like political victimization. The action against corruption cases is being heavily criticized by the opposition.

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