Not only Maryam’s but Nawaz Sharif is my father as well – Uzma Bokhari

  • Nawaz Sharif is not only Maryam’s father but is the father of all of us – Says Uzma Bukhari
  • Imran Khan and his supporters will not be seen in the days to come – Says Uzma Bukhari
  • Shahbaz Sharif warns Imran Khan and held him responsible if anything happened to Nawaz.

The spokesperson of PML-N Uzma Bukhari said Nawaz Sharif is not only Maryam’s father, but he is also the father of all of us.

The opposition parties are trying to pressurize Prime Minister Imran Khan and demanding his resignation.

“This will no longer work, You (Imran Khan) and your supporters will not be seen in the days to come,” said Uzma Bukhari.

She has also called the arrest of Rana Sanaullah an act of state terrorism and said the premier is the informant in the case and got Sanaullah arrested by leveling false allegation.

Shahbaz Sharif warns Imran Khan:

In addition to this, the opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif warned Imran Khan saying he would be responsible if anything happened to Nawaz Sharif in jail.

In his statement, Shahbaz said:

“Government is showing inhumanity by banning homemade food for Nawaz.”

According to Shahbaz, his brother is a heart patient and needs homemade food to control his health.

Furthermore, he said Nawaz is a three-time elected prime minister of Pakistan and this attitude towards him is inhumane.

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PML-N always lashing out at PM Imran Khan:

The PML-N keeps lashing out at Prime Minister Imran Khan. They say Pakistan was rapidly progressing in all sectors until the PTI government took over from the PML-N government.

They say the loans taken by the PML-N government were spent on development projects and they were paid back with the profits earned.

They have also criticized the annual budget presented by the PTI government saying that a person who never earned through his hard work could never know how a common man survives.


The PML-N is making every effort to pressurize the incumbent government but the truth is that people of Pakistan elected the prime minister, and had thrown the looters out of the system through the power of the vote. The drama of video staged by Maryam Nawaz was just a pressure to get rid of the corruption cases.  The government will not fall into the trap and such press conferences cannot save Sharif, family.

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