Veena Vs Maryam – Whose side you’re on?

The trend of Veena Vs Maryam on social media


  • In a rather interesting move, PTI social media outsmarted PMLN on social media.
  • Things started to Heat up when famous actress and reality show star Veena Malik started taking potshots on PMLN defacto head Maryam Nawaz on twitter.
  • Perturbed and challenged by witty and Savage trolling by TV star(Cheered by PTI supporters), the PMLN social media team counterattacks by posting old videos to slut-shame her.

This did no good rather emboldened Veena and PTI social media who went on to start calling Maryam a Nani(Granny).

Seeing no end to this, The frustrated social media team of PMLN in a last ditch effort to salvage the situation made a poll between Veena Malik and Maryam Nawaz asking who is modest and has better character. The move has put Maryam in more trouble as instead of the political opponents, she is seen as fighting against Veena Malik on social media.

The screenshot of that poll can be seen below:

Veena Vs Maryam – Poll created by PMLN

Take a look at another poll created on Facebook.

Veena Vs Maryam poll on Facebook

Take a look at some of the tweets by Veena Malik that sparked the PMLN social media team:


These were some of the tweets that ignited the “Veena Vs Maryam” on Facebook.

So, after reading this blog, whose side you’re on?

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