Most Viral Video in Pakistan in last 30 Days

Viral video in Pakistan in 30 days
Viral video in Pakistan in 30 days
  • PTV has recently started broadcasting the popular Turkish series Ertugrul.
  • The series has been popular in Pakistan on TV and Youtube both.
  • Most of the Pakistanis think Ertugrul’s first Urdu episode by PTV is the most viral video on Pakistani digital space.
  • But surprisingly, that’s not the case; a video of Prime Minister Imran Khan has more views in the last 30 days. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s video about the Ehsas web portal has 29M views, while the first episode of Ertugrul is at 25M views.

The video of prime minister Imran Khan was “crossposted” across multiple Facebook pages and it managed to score a whopping 29 million views:

Ertugrul Urdu channel of PTV has been the fastest channel to cross 1 million subscribers in Pakistan. It shows the sheer interest of Pakistanis in the entertainment but… entertainment is not the only thing Pakistanis are excited about. 

Details of Prime Minister’s video:

The web portal of Ehsas program was launched. It mainly helps the individuals who’ve lost their jobs due to the Corona Pandemic. The government of Pakistan will contribute four rupees for each rupee donated to the relief fund.

The affectees can get themselves registered on to get the assistance.


The statistics:

The first video of Ertugrul was posted on April 25th and it has 25 million views as of now. While the video of Prime Minister Imran Khan was published on May 2nd and stands at 29 million views right now.

Another interesting part is that the video of Ertugrul was able to get 25M views in 21 days, while the video of PM Imran Khan has achieved 29M views in 14 days. 

What is “crossposting” on Facebook:

In case you didn’t know, a “crossposting” a video on multiple pages is a feature from Facebook that allows you to post a single video on multiple pages without uploading it on each page individually.

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