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What happened to Intellectual journalism
What happened to Intellectual journalism

Finally, the weekend is here! And luckily it’s a perfect cold rainy morning where one wants to wrap in their warm duvet, sip coffee and read some insightful write ups but sadly, these days, what you come across are disappointing articles oozing out fancy words; A fantastic ode, full of make-believe stories, self-made conspiracies and a desperate attempt at journalism.

With much pressure and little substance to market, nothing but the writer’s imaginative skills and perplex vocabulary pouring in.

Well my today’s morning moments were hijacked by this article called ‘Bad Blood’. Beginning with amusing children’s fairy tale indeed, the piece seemed like the perfectly self-articulated story with attempts to please one’s self of having to achieve something out of ashes : of their journalism and dignity.

The article made rounds around accusing the sitting Prime Minister Imran Khan of taking U-turns, the good ones and the bad ones. It makes one think, if ignorance is really a bliss? Let’s pop the bubble, that there have been accountability U-turns “NONE” so far. Instead, someone has only been keeping up with the Kardashian’s and not his country’s politics.

Ever since the PTI government came into power, time and again, Premier Imran Khan stated and I quote that “Riyasat-e-Madinah mai do nahi aik qanoon” (there will be equal law for all), starting from PM Imran Khan’s first address to the nation. The bitter souls haven’t been taking this “equal law for all” very well since.

Hence resorting to the spread of false news and making allegations, against the spirit of the state and the law is the new norm. This is nothing but stupidity and a sour case of professionalism. The only shred of truth this scripture held was the depiction of Imran Khan’s genuine, compassionate and empathetic nature, may it be birth of Shaukat Khanum or relieving an ailing convict. Yes, Nawaz Sharif, a convict; Paid journalists very often forget or intentionally tweak out this crucial bit of information from their narratives.

For crying out loud, the whole state knows that Nawaz Shairf is indeed a convict & has been granted the privileges of bail on the accounts of his deteriorating health only. But the thirst for VVIP treatments or special extensions in law for this particular overly privileged family is appalling. Demanding such special treatment is not only baseless but disrespectful and an injustice to the thousands of ailing convicts serving their jail time without such luxuries.

Now the battle of indemnity bonds is rather interesting. Firstly, the state has granted the convict a bail on medical grounds. Secondly, the state has given NS an opportunity to travel abroad to receive better treatment which requires signed bonds as a guarantee for the safe returns of its convict; cherry on the top, the convict himself is deterrent to come back to his homeland too, after the treatment. So it’s a win-win situation, right? But it’s not that simple. The Sharif family and party is mortified with the mere mentioning of indemnity bond and has denied to submit any at the expense of their father’s/leader’s failing health.

So who is really playing “games” with Nawaz Shairf’s health? The state? Which is all set to board Nawaz Sharif to better health facilities? Or Nawaz Sharif’s family & political leadership who are not submitting the indemnity bonds in order to score political points on his poor health?

By: Ayesha Chahat

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