Where did the US go wrong? Exslusive Talk by Gen (R) Ehsan ul Haq

Where did the US go wrong
Where did the US go wrong
  • Gen (R) Ehsan ul Haq who was DG ISI right after 9/11 during the most crucial days of the Afghan War, has talked to IPRI about the US failure in Afghanistan.
  • He discusses the role played by Pakistan in bringing peace to the region while being labeled as playing a double game
  • He has discussed the use of ‘Narratology’ in recent times by the US

“First of all, we are in the age of narratology”

Take a look at his full talk with IPRI:

Gen (R) Ehsan ul Haq tells that “the narrative of the double game
was a US mechanism for seeking Pakistan. This is support in a coercive manner and we must be clear on that. If we are not clear then we are likely to go wrong”

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Pakistan has always been a Pro-Peace actor:

As he moves ahead with his talk, he shares the story of being present in the talks betwen President Bush and President Musharaf. In Octorber 2001, President Bush had decided to bomb Afghanistan. Pakistan clearly told the US in 2001 that there is no military solution to this.

Pakistan has been saying it from the day US decided to bomb Afghanistan that ‘talks’ are the only solution tot his. Fast forward to 2021 and see what’s happening in Afghanistan. The US had to come to a conclusion that there is no military solution to it and they started to withdraw their forces.

The mistakes of the US:

“They went wrong right from the outset”, Says Gen (R) Ehsan ul Haq. Even after Pakistan’s multiple suggestions to proceed with the peace-talks, the US did not listen. The opted for a violent solution right from the beginning.

After starting the violence in Afghanistan, the US tried to show that they are supporting the political structure in the country. But in reality, they were only ‘installing’ the presidents that were backed/supported by the US.


As the US pulls out their forces from Afghanistan, Pakistan’s stance stands vidicated that there violence was not the solution.

By: TrendsPak Staff

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