Year 2008 – When Shehbaz Sharif claimed to turn the CM house into a university.

A story from 2008 – Shehbaz Sharif’s Promise to turn Chief Minister House into an information technology university.

Yn PML-N to turn CM House into IT University

Shehbaz Sharif had claimed that his party would take practical steps instead of merely raising slogans.

The PMLN Chief had said that he would reduce poverty and lead the country towards progress and prosperity.

He had promised to turn the CM house into a university but Shehbaz kept living in it for a decade.

Imran Khan’s Vision:

After Pakistan’s General election 2018, following the victory, Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised an ambitious education agenda.

He announced during his success speech that he doesn’t want to live in the PM house. He intends to convert the Prime Minister’s house into a center of higher education.

Prime Minister Imran Khan

The famous cricketer-turned-politician and chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had criticized the vast and lavish residence of the prime minister.

Imran Khan said, “I will not live in the PM house and will convert it into an educational institution where common people have access”

Similarly, plans are afoot to turn many luxury state buildings and offices into museums, five-star hotels, and tourist resorts.

What does the federal minister of information say?

Shafqat Mehmood -The Federal minister for information

The Federal Minister of Education and Professional Training, Shafqat Mehmood, while addressing a press conference, announced that

“Considering the annual expenditure of the PM house –Rs470 million- the government has decided to turn the residence into a high-quality university.

Mehmood is fully in favor of the PM house becoming a top university or institution offering unique education.

The government’s much-touted austerity drive decided that millions of rupees could be saved by converting government luxury properties into public parks, hotels or resorts.

Recently, the federal cabinet has approved converting the Prime Minister House into a high-level research university.

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The approval was granted in the cabinet meeting chaired by PM Imran Khan on Thursday.

The information minister added that the total number of PM house employees was 528, which now stands at only 5.

Yn PML-N to turn CM House into IT varsity

The opposition’s stance on converting the PM House into a university:

The opposition parties continue to attack PTI’s decision of turning PM house into an educational institution.

“This is the first Prime Minister who is set to obliterate prime ministerial spaces from where he operates.”

PPP MNA Nafeesa Shah said,

“This PM house is not the personal property of Imran Khan. He should convert his own Bani Gala Mahal into a university”

Strongly opposing, she said, “This house is a state asset and belongs to the people of Pakistan and to house all future prime ministers as well.”

What else?

The Prime Minister has made all possible efforts to ensure that public money in not spent on the lavish lifestyle of the ruling elite.

Pakistan is facing huge economic crises so the ruling elite cannot afford the luxurious lifestyle which it was maintained in the past.

PM Imran Khan personally believes that public buildings presently under use as Governor’s House, Chief Minister’s House, etc can be put to a more productive use by allowing access of the public to these buildings.


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