You will soon be able to reply to a Whatsapp status after the new update.


You will soon be able to reply to a Whatsapp status after the new update from the company.

The status feature of Whatsapp is set to get a major feature. Users will be able to reply directly to a Whatsapp status.  The feature has been successfully tested on beta versions of Windows phones.

Whatsapp will give you total control over this status replying feature. Just like it gives you control over your “last seen” and double blue tick appearance.  Users will be able to mute or unmute this status replying feature as well. It will be totally in your hand that who can reply to your  status,from whom you can get a notification. Or maybe you can completely turn off this feature.


The feature is in under testing for beta versions on Android and it will be available across the platforms. Whatsapp has also hinted that you will be able to reply to the statuses in way of Snapchat story. While replying to a status , you will be able to send an instant image like Snapchat which will be temporary. It will be removed after a specific time like Snapchat.


A twitter account which is famous for leaking the news about Whatsapp,has leaked this news as well. All of their previous leaks have been true and we can hope that this Status-Replying  feature will also be available soon.


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